Thursday, October 29, 2015

You Need an Agent to Look After Your Acting Career (part 1 of 2)

An agent is your representative. It is his or her responsibility to submit you for roles and auditions by casting directors which will soon become part of your acting career. Aside from that, they will also negotiate your fees and review your contract in exchange for 10% of your gross pay when you get the part. Since there are so many of them around, you have to know how to get one.

There are three ways to get an agent.

First, the agent is happy with your performance in the past and offers his or her services to be your agent. This won’t happen if you are just starting out so don’t put your hopes too much that someone will call you on the phone.

An agent may also see take notice of you during a scene night where you get invited to various scenes to show off your talent to agents, casting directors and directors. This is done regularly and consists of two minute monologues. Afterwards, you go around and give your press kits to the industry professionals who attended the event and wait for their phone call.  

Second, you are given by a recommendation from a casting director, director, fellow actor or producer. This can happen if they like you and they see that you are not properly represented and deserve something better.

Lastly, you get a phone call from an agent after they have reviewed your photo and resume which you had sent through the mail. Majority of the actors starting out get it this way. This will change later on once you have already established yourself in the industry.

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